Tampa's Comprehensive Two-In-One Kitchen Cleaning Service

We use hot water, Dawn and Clorox in a bucket with clean/sanitized all purpose microfiber cleaning cloths.  With the scare of the COVID-19 virus we don’t want to take any chances thus we are incorporating more Clorox and Purell products into our service to you for more peace of mind.  

Should you want a more natural approach to cleaning your kitchen we offer the use of Mrs. Meyers All Purpose cleaning products at no extra charge. We use Mrs. Meyers Lavender All Purpose Cleaner or Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena All Purpose Cleaner as the first step to clean all kitchen and appliance surfaces. We use hot water along with a clean, sanitized microfiber cleaning cloth. As an added touch, we can add seasonal scents to our supply for winter, spring, summer and fall.


As a preventative measure after all the cleaning has been done, we sanitize/disinfect all surfaces using Purell Disinfectant and Sanitizer Spray. This product kills potentially harmful germs and viruses within 60 seconds, and it’s safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Cleansing the kitchen sink

For porcelain and stainless steel sinks, we love using Barkeepers Friend and swear by it. On porcelain, this product removes the marks and stains and brightens and whitens your sink making it look practically brand new again. Stainless steel sinks clean and shine up beautifully.  The only thing it doesn’t do is remove already set-in scratches. This product is amazing – but not magical, and only for these two types of sinks. That means not on copper sinks, because it will remove the patina.

Grease Buildup

Member’s Mark Heavy Duty Degreaser is typically used when there is grease buildup around and on the stove.  It cuts through grease and grime in seconds. We normally use this at your initial visit and thereafter on an as-needed basis.

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