About Our Scheduling

We Offer Convenient Weekday Scheduling to Meet Your Needs

For the convenience of our regular weekly, bi-weekly and monthly customers, we schedule our services for the same day of the week, rather than by calendar date. 

For example, we might schedule a cleaning: 

Calendar dates – like the 15th or the 30th or any date – make scheduling more complicated. For example, a bi-weekly schedule on the 15th and 30th not only changes days every month (not convenient for everyone), but will require rescheduling when the 15th or 30th falls on a weekend when we’re not working! 

Also, having to reschedule can be annoying for customers. So scheduling by the day of the week is the perfect solution. 


$50 deposit is subject to a 48 hour cancellation fee.  Cancellations must be made Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Cancellations will not be accepted on weekends. No exceptions. 

Final payment is due at time and day services are rendered complete. 

Methods of payment are:  Cash, check, credit/debt and Venmo: @ahomemaidclean

For Office or Commercial cleaning appointments and questions please call our office at (888) 401-6243.

NOTE: We might suggest a certain day of the week to new clients when we already have a client near them on that day. For example, if we’re already in St. Pete every Thursday for one client, and you’re near the same neighborhood, it’s convenient for us to schedule your cleaning on that same day. Saving travel time helps us keep costs down, and we pass those savings on to our customers!
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