Products & Processes

We feature the use of all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products at no extra charge.

You can request that we use these products, but only products we already carry. We will use any products you provide in lieu of our own, or we can purchase products you want, but there will be an extra charge added on to our services.

The following pages are a comprehensive overview of our cleaning processes, and the products we use, to achieve the most effective cleaning results in your home.

Here’s How Our Tampa Maids Clean Your Home


Our superior Three-Step Process can’t be beat


Our comprehensive Two-In-One kitchen cleaning


Our comprehensive Two-In-One kitchen cleaning


How we enhance the beauty of your furniture

NOTE: To do our part to help stave off the COVID-19 Virus, as a preventative measure we are currently incorporating more Clorox and Lysol disinfectants and Purell Sanitizer Sprays to help keep homes disinfected and sanitized. These actions will continue as long as the situation calls for it.