Elevating the Beauty of Your Furniture with Expert Cleaning In Tampa

For everyday use we like to apply Method Wood for Good, on a microfiber polishing cloth, for all your fine wood surfaces. For an extra conditioning of your wood we apply Amazon Basics Multi Surface Polish and Protectant

This product:

Refreshing the Beauty of Upholstery and Fabrics

We vacuum all upholstered furniture at every visit, and we even vacuum under sofa cushions. We follow up with a quick spray of room deodorizer over them to leave everything looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Dusting Equipment

Window/Glass Cleaning

Something as simple as Dawn dish detergent and water in a bucket with an all purpose microfiber cleaning cloth and a squeegee does the trick every time.

Miscellaneous Products

As part of our well equipped tool and product caddies, we carry all the tiny tools that help us in big ways. This includes but is not limited to magic erasers, pumice stones, brushes, scrubby pads , and more.

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